This blog was created for me by my colleagues at The Arizona Republic. I am forever grateful to them, not only for the blog, but for 25 years of the best job anyone ever had. In just over five years, I have posted over 500 entries on so many topics I can not remember them all. Reach me at

  1. Hi Richard,
    best wishes for your new adventures in north carolina. we will enjoy following your blog.
    Thomas and Patty

  2. cynmurrell said:

    Hello, Richard. Congrats: you have officially made me regret skipping the Aquarium when I was in Seattle!
    Our mutual friend mentioned your blog when we met for coffee today. I always enjoyed your thoughts, even when I was a self-absorbed teen, so I thought I’d check it out. Perhaps when I get around to establishing a WordPress blog myself, you’ll return the favor.
    Best of luck in your new home. Perhaps you will run into Mom’s brother, Donald, or his wife, Dottye. They’re good, interesting folks.
    Take care. –C., Pat’s youngest

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